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versus the ultra rippled brand. so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. you sure clean up nice. yes i do. [ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy it a little more with charmin ultra strong? and to help feel fresh and clean, try charmin freshmates. a body found in the street in oakland. an bryan stowe that that was beaten at the
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dodgers game and new details on his family and the bankruptcy filing. >> will allow have more on our top stories but first reruns to look at traffic >> " this is live look at walnut creek and traffic is flowing. well. well. we'll havew clouds and continued throughout the afternoon no drizzle to report this morning. there is a warm-up in store and i will tell you about on a full check of the weather coming ups >> of hotspot of san jose southbound off rapid for
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some lane closure it will not have made big ambac breaking news story out of oakland. jackie sissel is live at the scene. >> you can see all the police activity out here they have this year. shut down the got a call from the fire department that there was an incident out here. ed was a burning body in the street homicide investigators have been called to the scene police are not saying much. as soon
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as the information officer arrives we will get more details. >> the parents of bryan stowe had been made as creditors in the dodgers' bankruptcy case. the family sued of the dodgers when their son was beaten outside the stadium. now list goes are listed on the creditors of list. the family said they continued to get e- mail's and support from the committee.
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>> california state is going to raise their tuition the border regions scheduled to raise the tuition 9.6% they already had an 8% increase. >> this goes on talk that we are talking possibly $1,800 they are bracing for some protesters bearin. they are thinking the protesters or will be here even though it is the second day. if this is approved 9.6 this time
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and annual television $12,000 and and not including grumman book board and books. they have no choice asked his students they lost funding from the state. the 8% increase this dunes are not use a bad and now i what attack on another 9.6% increase. if this goes out they will hurt even more. it looks like it
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is going to be very tough and they will have to dig deeper into their pockets. >> the public is able to say goodbye to former first lady betty ford in grand rapids michigan. these are live pictures of her casket. a public that this funeral service is set for this afternoon. she will be buried at the museum next to her husband. she but died on friday at the age of 93. >> will we back with more in just a few amendments.
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president barack obama had some stern words during the meeting and walked out. we also have plenty clouds out there
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today's killing another day we are dealing with low cloud cover this is a look outside set this goal. today will be a slight improvement. president >> all, said enough is enough during the meetings yesterday. they squared off
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when the republicans passed for a small turnout extension. an agreement must be reached by the august 2nd deadline or the united sites will i be unable to pay its bills. >> hillary clinton will be on a 12 day around the world track. she is supporting nato's operations. >> we're still are getting contradictory signals from the khaddafi decamps. he and refuses to see some violence against his people he needs to step down from power we cannot predict to you the
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egg sac de oro our he will leave for our we do agree and understanding he has to leave.
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>> the ringing of the opening bell. another positive day at least for now. the dow futures up 24, nasdaq futures of 14. >> we never normally have the opening bell on nasdaq. >> let's take a look at the weather. it has been a lot nicer today. this >> walnut creek seen plenty of blue skies. gradual clearing overhead. sunshine already hitting the ground. 68 by noon,
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71 this afternoon. it complete look at your forecast and talking more about the warming trend in just a little bit. >> an early morning hot spot for san jose. the guadalupe parkway has a huge problem with the pavement. it piece of the gave way in the left hand lanes. on the day bridge toll plaza, the westbound ride is not bad. the metering lights have just been activated. things are starting to slow. we may have a new and developing hot spot on the ride on highway 880 for westbound. we have word of a motorcycle accident. pretty serious injuries are possible
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westbound. >> we have some breaking news out of oakland. there is a fire burning. jackie sissel is a live there with the latest. >> it turned out to be a human body in the street. we are waiting for homicide detectives to show up. this all started early this morning when the fire department got a phone call something burning in the street. when they got out here they discovered a body and called the oakland police department. we are waiting to hear from the public information officer on exactly what the case is. this is a quiet neighborhood. obviously everyone is a little shaken up. it is still a developing story. there are not saying much at this point.
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>> was a dark -- was there a vehicle near the body? >> you cannot see the body from where i am at but it is in the middle of the stream was nothing else around it. that is the mystery, how to get there? the fired a permit received the initial phone call, as soon as they got here, they discovered what it was a and backed out. since then the area has been rolled off by crime scene investigators. as i said, homicide detectives are on their way out. >> this is a pretty quiet area. do people with near where the body was? >> investigators have been combing the area in and going door-to-door. pervasively this
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is a typical rock ridge neighborhood. you can see homes and driveways. >> jackie, we'll check back with you as the story continues to develop. >> following the latest with tuition hikes, a california state has implemented them and now the uc system is voting on raising tuition by 9.6%. will tran is live with details on what could be a second tuition hike for this coming fall. >> the bull will take place in about two hours. this is on top of previously approved a rate hike of 8%. take a look at your screen. here are some numbers to show you. 9.6 percent is what they're voting on today. if that is approved it would raise tuition more than $1,200 a year. when annual tuition would be about $31,000 annually. the
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reason they are doing this is because they say they're losing $650 million in funding from the state. once again they have no choice but to turn to the students. the protest will happen at 1:30 p.m., long after the vote takes place. they are bracing for the protests. there are barricades behind me. hot >> it is starting to sound like community college is a much better option, but it is impossible to get in there. >> enrollment there has been cut off. there are losing funding as at this point there's nowhere to go except down, down into your pocket.
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>> 635 a m. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, des negotiations heat up. the president walked out. we'll have the latest as the clock ticks in the nation's borrowing limit. the time is 6:35 a.m.. quiet on the james lick freeway.
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>> the time is 6:39 a.m.. we are looking at that crackdown in san jose. a quick update on the weather forecast for today. in san jose, 57 degrees, 66 by noon and 70 by this afternoon. we have less clout cover this morning. 1st a full look at your forecast in a minute. >> other stories we are
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following right now, with the deadline is looming, leaders in washington are involved in heated conversations about the federal debt ceiling. day four of negotiations which reports of president obama walking out on the meeting, officials warning that failure to raise the 14.3 trillion dollar debt ceiling by august 2nd could trigger a partial default. >> four straight days of negotiations have leaders in washington at the boiling point. during of wednesday's meeting, house majority leader eric kanter say that hamm and president obama squared off about the republicans' call for a short-term extension on the federal debt ceiling. feast of the president responded with, do not call my bluff. the president sort of told the group that this is exactly what americans think of as washington and its worst,
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catering to politics, putting the old political future ahead of doing important things and taking on big issues. democrats and republicans have locked horns over a proposed tax increases and budget cuts. >> something small, something temporary is something that both sides are unhappy about is probably what will ensue. a >> the president shows no sign of backing down. i do have it confirmed that this president did say, with my presidency at stake i will not yield on this issue. what an agreement must be made by the august 2nd deadline or washington will lack the money to pay its bills which could cause interest rates to skyrocket and the value of the dollar to decline. negotiation >> are expected to resume in washington later today >> > meantime, investors
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services is threatening to lower the united states credit rating. the agency says there is a small door rising risk that the government will default on its debt. a downgrade would raise interest rates on treasury bonds, increasing interest paid by taxpayers. it would also push up rates for mortgages, car loans and other debts. >> area here is the look of the san retail bridge.
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hough >> a sinkhole in san jose on the guadalupe parkway. craig skalar is live out there with more. >> below is as if someone took a knife and cut a piece of cake. it is a serious matter.
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they have had a problem with this since tuesday night. caltran engineers will be out here any minute trying to get this fixed by midday. fortunately traffic is going the other way in the morning, it is not that big a deal in terms of that but structurally it is a problem. the concrete is about a foot thick. it is about 4-10 ft. long and about 3-4 ft. wide. it is mostly of to the side of that plane is not safe to drive in. that is the off ramp onto,. >> george is our traffic forensic analyst. looking at the size, you say that it appears that this has been prepared before? >> exactly right. you can see
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the lines in the concrete right there. it had been cut and patched with asphalt. we do not know if this was done on tuesday or if it predates that but it is not surprising that they are continuing to have problems at that location. that is what you observed such a clean page. the good news is, as we have pointed out, this is an offramp. these are southbound lanes of the guadalupe parkway. this is an offramp. in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, that is the commute to direction, northbound. traffic is separated by the center median, it is doubtful that this will create a block or have any impact as a visual has on the northbound right. again, the location of the problem is great here, southbound 87 offramp 2 alma from the guadalupe
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parkway. another hot spot, and that is here in antioch where westbound we had a problem with a motorcycle accident. that has been cleared and the traffic lanes. it is on the right-hand shoulder in the slow coming from the by past three into. the rest of the right to pittsburgh in the bill will pass is still doing pretty well. here is a bridge check for you. good conditions. the metering lights have been active for about a half an hour. light traffic and a moderate to back up. the san mateo bridge is a problem free with traffic in both directions. on the golden gate bridge, you are fall free in the drizzle free. a beautiful ride for southbound 101. there are no delays during counted. on the leather department, here is james fletcher. >> here is the view from our roof camera. we are seeing breaks of blue. that is good for people who live in the city. to
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date will be mild with the cloud cover breaking up. these are the typical temperatures that we would see on this day in july for these select cities. in the next column i will show you what we are expecting for today. we are quite a bit cooler than we should be. every location is running well below what we should be seen this time of year. cooler than normal is take at this turn our with our nine degrees colder the work yesterday morning. we're waking up to a colder start than we had 24 hours ago. this afternoon we will see temperatures that are again on the cool side. our
6:50 am
afternoon highs will look something like this. here is your 7 day forecast. this weekend will be nice but we will still be well below normal. not until the middle of next week we get into the upper 80s in land and back into the '70s for people in the immediate bay. there is your weather. now, back to the news. >> a fisherman found a body near a golf course in san jose. it is near in this golf course los lagos the body was found in
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water near the golf course. when the fisherman came across the body he called 911. emergency crews immediately responded around 5:00 p.m. last night. police are still investigating. information regarding the victim is not immediately available. i am told it will take a while for them to complete the autopsy experience to fall on a story we told you tuesday morning, the pedestrian keelekilled on tuesday it is now being identified. 57 year-old glen marksmen. he was san francisco resident who was hit by a car and died at the scene. no one else injured in that collision. investigators have not determined what he was on the road. san francisco prosecutors have decided not to seek the death penalty about that fisherman's wharf souvenir shop worker accused in the
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january killing of two employees. the man was suspected of shooting a man and woman inside of a souvenir shop on jefferson street. the gun was recovered at the scene. >> 6:52 a.m.. we are back with more and a couple of minutes.
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>> and all we can closure of interstate 405. it is part of a major highway construction project in the bridge replacement. if thousands of doctors and nurses are sorry that hospitals, emergency operations center is set up. " there are residents are being told to stay at home or get out of town long before this weekend hits. there will be major gridlock. >> on 2 women's soccer. the united states in the women's world cup final for the first time since 1999 when they beat china. this time a 3-1 victory
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over france. the americans are now facing japan and the title match on sunday. nafta opens
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